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the great majority can help a system exaltation

Le 3 April 2014, 09:07 dans Humeurs 0

Note.Particularly is those otakus who like to put some small movies in the computer and the cellular phone;Like a self-shot photo face beauty to greatly show affectionate fairies to need close understand and value more.So, being a common customer exactly can order what, so as to not let the router become next gorgeous shine on the originator of door?The writer combines use habit and experience of oneself, provides to suggest as follows for everyone and pleases otaku and the fairies and goes and makes reference to.1, the back door aiming at router oneself and loophole problem, the best way is to get stripe a firmware.This and give the computer system the gearing tonike air max 1 womens repair the truth of D exactly the same.Because none of any products is the most perfect, even if be like Windows so mature product, will also release N to mostly govern loophole to repair D annually, these repairing D the great majority can help a system exaltation safety and stability.So, the router is also similar, check own router model number, choose to should of the loophole repair D or firmware to carry on getting stripe to seem to be very necessary.2, the password establish more complications as far as possible more good.Simple number and the combination of letter of alphabet have already completely canned not resist the superb skill of black guests and sweep the attack of code software.There was an article once before now exclusively to established a password to once carry on Detailed research, the suggestion of writer is under the sistuation that the circumstance allows, well make use of on each key of keyboard up.For example if the password constitution is "123 asds" the not equal to constitution be more safe for"123*_ ¥ asd".So, everyone can according to own password enactment be used to to enhance with the password of complicated router.3, although say to strengthen a password to is a good way, I think that this way always palliates an incurable origin.Because"evil Gao Yi Chi, way Gao Yi Zhang".Again strong password, also the difficult break out of sweeps the moment of code software to compute, nike air max tn womens only is defered time that the black guest cracks just.Since encrypt this positive strategy not to go, that might as well try not to encrypt this kind of reverse side measure.You may ask and strengthened a password to still defend not to live, don't encrypt not to equal streaking?Since don't encrypt certainly, affirmation is to have a better way.That is to bind to settle a MAC address!No matter a computer is still a cellular phone or iPad, any equipmentses all have one to belong to his/her own the only MAC address, majority of routers all provided to bind to settle a MAC address, this function now.Customer the demand be approved the MAC address of equipments he or she to stuff with a router, can immediately rise"unique protect Function of protecting".Chien but speech, being the MAC address that is allowed can link a router to then get to the Internet, all don't at allow to make a list the MAC addresses(equipments) in the scope will be neglected or hint"can not link".This undertaking for keep black guest from invading and the Ceng net rose to extremely good guard against effect.4, establish "forbid a broadcasting" in the router, with up bind certainly a MAC address and is opposite in response to of is this"forbid a broadcasting".After a lot of routers establish well, will the name of automatic and born wireless network.This is also after everyone got to a place, see after opening a wireless WiFi switch of that is big string of wireless name of network.Now, what we want to do is to let the wireless network of oneself don't want to appearnike air max 95 bb for sale to be big string of the public list scope at this inside.Use "forbid a broadcasting" within router function, can conceal own wireless network name.Is also say in addition to yourself, the other people are to can not know your this wireless network of existence.5, don't modify DNS as far as possible, use standard DNS that the operator provides.Sometimes because of the reason of the network, if the customer modifies DNS to promote a web page to open speed and reduces a network to identify time.But consequently can

started revolution for one its definition

Le 3 April 2014, 09:07 dans Humeurs 0

Have this to all read, for the sake of establishment the modern age Be landholding to make, a series done by Japan hard but the slightest wasn't mentioned.At the same time, Korea is still clearly falsity to win day A noon war fuse"the east learns a disorderly party" of elucidation.Although"the east learns a disorderly party" is because objection Li Chao's ages squeezed and exploited at that time,Korea unexpectedly started revolution for one its definition, and changed reason skillfully changed for carrying on an anti- day to struggle.The weekly magazine post magazine finally calls that above introduce of just the Korea anti- day educates of one small part, so with evil intent falsity fact for fabricating history, will bring serious injury to Japanese image.This is also to bear with the disrespect of the ancestry of the Koreannike air max 90 womens him/herself of distress, "once with Japanese brave battle" in that war.Korean since the childhood be compulsorily instilled this victim's consciousness, caused to kill a paranoid states very easily, can not calm down to be objectively carry on judging analysis.Korean government intention carry on an anti- day to brainwash education to the child and tell them Japan to rule the blackness of period and completely negate all behavior of Japan.Evade all failure and responsibility to the other people's result BE, end in great quantities have no creation to the citizen of sense of responsibility."Two wars"s victory is up to now Already 69 years, however a little bit local influences in Japan still don't wish to face up to now with examine themselves to invade history, even attempt to deny with beautify to invade history, this with peace development completely run in opposite directions.Chinese spokesman China spring in Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ying once emphasized that the front matter didn't forget, the teacher of funeral affairs.Only the prison prison bears firmly in mind greatly aggrieved history and draw to take deep teach, can keep history tragedy from repeating.The international society includes an important consensus on a problem, that is Japan can correct understanding with treat two to fight to invade history, not only matter to a Japanese oneself future development alignment, also matter to Japan and Asian neighboring country relates to of future development,nike air max 95 for sale matter to northeast second of peace stability.Recently, the national Internet met an emergency center to send out an early warning, "the D-LINK, Cisco, Linksys, Netgear, and Tenda...etc. several manufacturers router product existence back door, the black guest can from here and directly control a router and start DNS to hold for ransom further, steal the information, network go fishing etc. attack, directly threaten a customer net up trade and data saving safety, make the related product become can be set off at any time of safe'land mine'."The early warning is after sending out there has been"curious" net friend starting experimenting soon.A net friend passes tiny letter male Many numbers insolated oneself to successfully crack the WiFi password of the next door"fairy".The net friend is still black to enter personal social intercourse numbered account, such as, the computer, cellular phone of "fairy", and etc. that controled "fairy".But everything of all these is used still in less than 5 minutes!Was also born from here a classic sentence:It isn't easily to is easy, establish a password using a router, router and use and beware of!Very obviously, in the whole process, the router played a very"weak and embarrassed" role.For lowering the use cost that the breadth takes, increase the actual use efficiency that the breadth nike air max 90 hyperfuse for sale takes, many friends all choose to use a router and be like former that kind of a net line one set computer dominate of circumstance already a don't reply to return.What to replace BE, several personal or several set equipmentses use a network in the residence;Several No.10s in the company person or several No.100s the person totally take with a breadth.Get to the Internet the convenience, conjunction in brief also becomes a router to make widely available completely of important reason.Although everyone is using a router, for principle and constitution of router but know it very few, don't even lift what safe protection measure.But lately explode the newses like"router back door loophole" and"net friend's second breaks road from the password",etc of, just cause everyone more passes