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public persons at the same time

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It is a very fascinating television drama.Although plot be concerning derail and small No. 3 quality bridge segment, mediocre but dog blood, , to the domestic television drama of stagnant water one pond, can have what kind of showbiz play use than the star to personally experience to play of is the true plot more fascinating.The article, Ma Yi Li and Yao whistle are all good actor.We once saw their many declare excellent showbiz work, but, truely and fascinatingly of only have a life oneself, not those script writers are literally changed by side station, manuscript of soap opera.Is true of didn't direct in life.With as far as to make us could not see the end final outcome nike air max 90 hyperfuse mens of this fascinatingly big drama.And, the star is also a person, stand down a silver screen, they also have their their own sensual desires, there is also humanistic weakness, also live medium of role play.But they are also public persons at the same time, their life drive medium direct, be enlarged by the medium, drive public reading.The doorstepping journalist became a chain to connect the bridge that the star privacy peeps with the public, this kind of looked like immoral of report, in fact is also regarded as one part that the fact reports, and, satisfied the whole reading with social desire.Thus the news of the gossip reports to seem also and involve just some little occupation ethics problem, but, to star If don't like to be topic person, that doesn't want to do a business of space."The ego of an actor accomplishment" demand the actors thinking, "the ego of a common run of people accomplishment" then needs the whole all with social member's thinking.Our everybody are also the leading role that wes live an inside, all want to play the role of dissimilarity every day, including the home, include business.But, how live an ego that is responsible, has to take, Tan is easy, be not grasped a small plait and don't reveal old bottom for other people and say three four opportunities, then the problem that each person wants to consider.Open a fun, don't be also so long, in the nike air max 1 for sale original world, reporter, author and.H'm, and"writer" writes draft and edits and examines modification and guards a pass, edit decide that the reader needs see what, the readers see the contents that the editor once edit, the order is well arranged in this world, the editor is the biggest, in addition to passing editor, the author can't announce a contents and edit not worth looking at can lock in the drawer for, but reader the way that can pass "the reader writes us", passeses own opinion edits and transmits to the author, , so as to issue opinion, consequently edit only while editing an accredit circumstance is a The work that is really respected by person be generally called doing "edit a teacher".Is all right, sounds like 19th century of matter son.There is blog afterwards, each individual owned a complete expression freedom(please neglect government, that hand), everybody has the integrity announces a contents and carry on a dissemination of ability, theoretically, you write of an article can be been whichever by the whole world to pick up the person of Internet to visit, this with finish writing manuscript to put to have a hypostatic dissimilarity in the drawer, searching the engine is the information axis of in those days, in China outside of place, everyone mainly is pass to search to the consumption of completing the blog contents.Needs to build up an own blog, you can the do-it-yourself is a medium, oneself adopts to write, not through examinenike air max 95 mens ground to release, he or she's dissemination, this is the source of "from the medium", and blog, also really aroused a "from the medium" fever in the west, not only is the columnist and writer of traditional news agency, release some contentses that can not examine through the medium editor, also include some not last author of before editing to sees, the exploitation canned once round direct completion exchanges of editor for the first time from setting up a blog to acquire his/her own reader, author and reader.But in China,

nor is to open to take off for article

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Expose government or office-holder's scandal, like waters affairs, more the war bulletin tells.The news that certainly takes a color, the essential medium will also disclose, but the target is usually a politician, such as Clinton and the White House trainee six text Si the sex scandal of the radicle.The second, Chinese father-in-law Shi Yi daddy tolerate of heart.Yi daddy there are a words in the text say like this, our old both the husband and wife has already lived greater half generation son and have never anotherly hoped head, the hope kid leads well, the daughter's daughter healthily grows up.To us, as long as the article can repent and make a fresh start, turn over a new leaf, the active regression family is enough, my daughter can accept him, the day still have to as usual lead.This is Yi's daddy to the heartfelt words that nike air max 95 bb cheap son-in-law's article sends out, this is probably also a kind of position and conduct and actions that the problem that Chinese father-in-law Shi faces posterity marriage can keep.The third, Chinese father-in-law Shi Yi what is daddy with patience?Can see a Yi daddy public to give out sound, its purpose neither is dint to stand a daughter nor is to open to take off for article, his with patience hope that the medium don't continue to stir-fry the composition chapter derails of matter, hope that the various communities can give time of article and some dispassion thinkings of Ma Yi , not be subjected to squeezing of outside dint but to marriage and in the future make decision .The article derails and became headlines, Ma Yi replies and accomplished "the body of Yi ", and Yi daddy gives out sound and made a show of Chinese father-in-law Shi's feature.For the medium, it probably was new glorious and call.But to numerous netizens who enjoy a play, the life is like drama, Be just leading role isn't you I.Extra-marital affairs of the article and Yao whistle caused a biggest hot argument after exposing.On the night of the 31th, article at in the Nu scold to explode key figures who anticipate the medium and threaten"I the mean life is throughout 1, accompany you!"Moreover, an among those are high while accepting an interview in the afternoon the big Tanwen chapter derail affairs, she means that the after the event did to once have contact on the heel"text horse" of some persons' identities that rehabilitate a work, nike air max tn for sale stand on the non- medium and advised them together.She still revealed:"Ma Yi thanks me in the message."(Chinese news net on April 1)April 1 is All Fools' Day.But, on the unit inside, avenue but have no severals to fix somebody.Because all people are all discussing extra-marital affairs of article and Yao whistle.A public who causes from star extra-marital affairs' reveling is keeping on, and, is all high tide every day.This makes numerous net friends wake up to open eyes the first matter be brush a cellular phone to see to exactly have new news.O.K., article classmate and Mei The body didn't let the audience disappoint.The contents of "see on Tuesday" is still very fierce:The article wants to keep company with throughout, Ma Yi then felt medium."See on Wednesday" is equally worth to expect.For example, can't related medium and the PK meeting of article get stripe?Has the Yao whistle ever really once abortioned?Is it the true existence bed that shine on?Did Ma Yi forgive an article?Do Ma Yi and article want a divorce?.To these all contentses, we might as well"and see and revel, and revel and realize".The gossip news looks like boring dog blood, actually then is also a department modern Revelation.As for marriage, is our everybody how to handlenike air max thea womens ?To the men problem BE, how be a good father?How to be a good husband?How refuse to leave oneself to walk very near chemisette temptation?Is seeming and considering like the similar problem of Ma Yi to the women, tolerate or want to reach agreement?Is to choose a big degree, still does the Yai Zi necessarily report?Is a poised place, or divorce right away?Which afraid is that see commentary, essential value may also feel this social from the articles scolding articles, and is just some little reformed.From here, the gossip news also has it public one side, and, have certain apocalypse meaning.This

Become next gorgeous shine on the originator

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The price that can pay is a sacrifice safety.So, don't modify a router as far as possible at the non- necessity time of beginning start DNS, even if need to be modified also possibly of the use is authentic with network the operator provide of DNS address.Let up thus causes because DNS attackstones of router safe problem.Say so many in fact Be just"throwing brick", believe a lot of superiors from have the way of "lead jade".In addition to the preceding context mentions of and be like to fix inside the net IP address, the reasonable simplification establishes router internal function etc., will do good for promoting a wireless net soon andnike air max thea sneakers strengthening safeties.If the friend meets a problem while breaking a firmware, or can't look into and bind to settle a MAC address and forgets how to establish to forbid broadcasting's waiting function, or router- related problem, welcome everyone to pay attention to tiny letter:Ksms 2046, common exchanges and study.Protect privacy, have you to have me.Don't let the router become next gorgeous shine on the originator of door!Chinese showbiz star article derails to love Yao whistle's one matter to late arrive a this week from last Friday and it may be said cause civil gossip's reveling.Article after after giving out sound clearly give out sound once again on that night to extra-marital affairs affairs on Monday dawn, query to expose the souths that it derails photograph to all amuse weekly magazine related Representative director, the Nu calls a mean life 1.And April 1, Ma Yi 's father is also specialized to set up to be named "Yi father " and blog for this matter, erupts form long text.The way of doing that he on the other hand queries souths to all expose wants "force the divorce of their husband and wife" and also means that they would like to forgive an article and also beg public to pass their house on the other hand.Television drama concerning marriage in China is a lot of, but it is said that that the article is to together take a television drama that marriage loves to just have feeling with Yao whistle, immediately after track.After article reebok gl 6000 for sale publicly apologizes, Ma Yi 's a few short words in a twinkling became "the body of Yi " and caused a netizen to constantly rush through to write a mountain Zhai product.Yi daddy derails one matter to the article public give out sound, let these 18 Gua news increase to lately anticipate again, read a long article your work, you can feel Chinese father-in-law Shi's heart of helpless and to the concerning about of daughter, and a kind of heart for forgiving.Yi daddy gives out sound, an among those points the social responsibility that involve medium.The southern some publication adopts a doorstepping journalist to track a way and clap descend article and Yao whistle at the public pleasurable photograph, this ratio those early years chapter son the Yi be clapped on the sandy beach quilt male the friend touch the photograph stimulative of bottom differ 1:00, but this kind of appearance that publicly "catch adulterers in act", still The nerve that can stimulate a person arouses people's desire feeling.As medium, the people talks arrives its social responsibility, while this responsibility morely embody at to government of direct and to the concern of the social important subject.The private life of show biz star, include extra-marital affairs, triangle love to belong to not to belong to public subject, medium should chase it as with an important aspect of social direct, this will see medium how to position by one's own.Celebrity's gossip can satisfy the little citizen's mental state most , consequently the market is huge.Hong Kong is gossip news to abound in ground, the gossip magazine is many, because this gets money quick.There are also a few gossip medium in the United States, but be called that it reports for small supermarket, because this type of newspaper reebok gl 6000 cheap magazine particularly with disclose the private life of star, celebrity is lord, but sale order in the people's most go supermarket.The star gossip of the United States although the news is many, due to usually being brought up law litigation now too the news of the gossip is also little many.So the medium regarding gossip news as principle in the United States usually become second class medium, because of its low tasty, be in need of a market in the essential community.But some higher popularity essential medium, like New York Times, Washington Post, and ages weekly magazine...etc., their famous usually because of Jie

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